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America’s Suicide Mission Orchestrated by De Facto Conservatives

Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, there has been a growing ‘retreat’ of conservatives that will ultimately place this country in the crosshairs – four more years of damaging leftist policies – this time with no reserve in sight. It’s an unsettling phenomenon where a logically thinking right-of-center populace has joined forces to create their own private pity-party. The supposed political purists passing on ‘nuggets of wisdom’ onto the ‘conservatively-challenged’ masses, or anyone willing to listen. Unfortunately for all, their imparting ‘knowledge’ is instead nothing more than condescending drivel – a life-style change recommended to a terminally-ill patient… on life support. News flash. Donald Trump is not a conservative. In fact, he’s not even close. Yes, Trump has flip-flopped on nearly every closely held conservative value ranging from abortion to illegal immigration. Yes, Trump has waffled like probably no other candidate before him has. We get it. This isn’t a lecture of what Donald Trump is or is not, but instead a realistic assessment of the dilemma that must be confronted. A decision we will make this November that will ultimately seal the fate of this country. This social phenomenon reaches far beyond the conservative base too, extending into the political elite (big surprise). Here’s a growing list of ‘republicans’ that have decided Hillary Clinton is a better choice for president. This list is an unmitigated example of what got us here in the first place. It’s also a list that contains individuals who have benefited from Hillary’s earmarking, development scandals or, were simply a part of her staff at one point. Even Ted Cruz, the only true Constitutional Conservative running in the Republican primary (and my choice), has decided to turn this election into personal vendetta against Trump. Getting one last dig on Trump was more important than ‘taking one for the team.’ It was a very disappointing moment, nevertheless an example of the craze sweeping the conservative ranks. Don’t forget, arguably the best president of all time was once a liberal. But I digress. Fortunately, there are some conservatives left who ‘get it.’ They understand that we cannot simply pick up the ball and go home because the candidate of choice did not win – this is a whole different ballgame. We are now literally starring the enemy in the eyes – a thoroughbred Marxist that has been hand-picked by the leftist elite to ‘finish the job.’ Anything… and I mean anything is better than this alternative. We are in the throes of total destruction. And oddly enough, the same conservative base that wanted a like-minded, Commander-in-Chief has now joined the other side in what will be greatest betrayal of all time. This misguided conservative faction is now carrying water for the left – knowingly supporting the dragging of our country further into the deep, dark depths of the radical left’s ideology – and now will become a co-conspirator to America’s demise. Because make no mistake. A ‘No-Vote’ or a third party vote, is a vote for Saul Alinsky Marxism. I pray that all conservatives come together and remove emotion from the upcoming election – […]

E Pluribus Unum And The Left’s Expulsion Of America’s Greatness

It was the fearless Andrew Breitbart that addressed a room full of half-crazed liberals in what has come to be known as “Andrew Breitbart and the La Raza student”  to deliver an awe-inspiring response to a question he also feared the most – and so vehemently fought against. The premise that “Out of Many, One” or E pluribus unum – America’s motto of greatness, would eventually succumb to the dreaded multiculturalism disease. The traditionally understood meaning of the phrase was that out of many states (or colonies) emerges a single nation. However, in recent years its meaning has come to suggest that out of many peoples, races, religions, languages, and ancestries has emerged a single people and nation ~ Wikipedia Achieved through a corrupt conduit and persistent ‘drip’ of radical left indoctrination, their ‘cultural flagship’ has caused a ‘rotting’ of our core for decades. And to the conservative’s trepidation, the inevitable is now front and center. We are staring straight into the eyes of the 800-pound gorilla. “And I believe from the core of my being that this country will be destroyed by people like you (La Raza student) who think you’re doing good while you divide, you divide into separate different categories, you pit people against each other. There should be no Congressional Black Caucus. There should be no Latino Caucus. E Pluribus Unum. E Pluribus Unum beats multiculturalism.” Andrew Breitbart Multiculturalism has essentially bankrupted our society through the process of minority appeasement. We as a country, have capitulated political correctness, that of which is a byproduct of multiculturalism, and have allowed it to supercede the motto that our great country was built upon. And the irony of it all? It’s a policy of exclusion, rather than inclusion. It’s a program of separation, not integration. Immigrants didn’t arrive on American soil to change it – they came because there was an opportunity that wasn’t available in the hell-hole they came from. They didn’t come to America to speak their native language – they came to learn English. And they certainly didn’t come to America to reject its values. Yet that is precisely what’s happened. Diversity has become an end in itself. Morphed into a political philosophy, multiculturalism has become the left’s vehicle of choice in how to properly respond to cultural and religious diversity with an end-game in mind – to cause chaos and upheaval – while serving the leftist elite agenda. Think about it. What has consistently happened in our country since the radical leftist has taken office? It is tied to the doctrine of relativism or more specifically, cultural relativism. The contention that the principle of a person’s beliefs and activities should be understood (and accepted) by others in terms of that individual’s own culture. It conveniently aligns with the myth that all cultures and religions are equal, and no one system or set of values is superior. And thus, the boundaries of what is morally right and wrong are now severely blurred by virtual cultural lines. Originated to fundamentally transform America, the concept is now entrenched in America, with not one solitary way to walk this thing back. Our country has been conquered and divided by the […]

The Obama-Soros Coup

Irrefutable evidence of a surreptitious and hideous ‘vision’ emerged early on in Barack Obama’s first term that went largely unnoticed by the American people, unchecked by our elected Republican ‘gatekeepers,’ and ignored by the mainstream media. The ‘cloak-and-dagger’ was then predictably revealed following the reelection of Obama in 2012, as numerous scandals began to peel away from his beguiled, rotten core.  Worse yet, the pervasive mainstream media, willingly consenting to the lawlessness that ensued, help set up the precursor of massive, chaotic change, a notable Saul Alinsky trademark. The new ‘vision’ had been packaged under the guise of democracy, contrived upon Obama’s ‘Fundamental Change‘ edict, and delivered to an unwitting accomplice: the low-information voter, the new posit majority of the country. Even though the erosion of our Constitution began long before the Obama regime, the Marxist-in-Chief was handpicked to carry it out to an unprecedented level, a level of destruction so massive that ‘walking it back’ to any semblance of normalcy would prove futile. Obama is responsible for tipping the scale in his favor, piling on over $5 trillion of debt that will ultimately collapse world financial markets and eventually render the U.S. dollar worthless. The national health reform bill (a.k.a. ObamaCare) was the opening act of this play.  The numerous scandals that followed were spectacles, mere sideshows designed for the public to ‘take the eye of the ball.’  In the meantime, Obama will no doubt heroically campaign against those very same scandals he ordered up to create a facade that he is in no way, shape, or form part of, and will continue to ‘fight to find the answers’ for the people, the charade that became known as the Limbaugh Theorem. There’s no other way to put it — America, the land of the free and home of the brave, has been hoodwinked. You might ask, who is behind such a ubiquitous vision of doom? Who could prop up a former ‘pothead,’ allowing him to command the world stage with relative ease?  Does George Soros come to mind?  In fact, Soros has nearly unlimited funding; and with a little help from his friends at the Trilateral Commission, there seems to be no limit to what they can achieve. George Soros is a billionaire “philanthropist” who hates America. He is a soulless, anti-God, anti-family, pro-Marxist, and self-proclaimed sociopath that has no self-conscience. Soros has played a key role in quite a few political revolutions around the world, including the 1992 ‘Black Wednesday,’ where he allegedly brought down the Bank of England and collected a cool one billion dollars for his effort.  Feeding his psychotic narcissism is seemingly Soros’ only objective in life; he takes great joy in collapsing national economies and inflicting pain onto others in exchange for rabid power. The usurping of American sovereignty is in full swing; we may soon be at the mercy of a Marxist regime, specifically designed to decimate the democratic benchmark of the world, the United States.  Make no mistake: the ignorance and contempt of the voting […]

Liberal State of Denial

It’s been several months since Barack Obama was elected to a second term; an inauspicious moment in our history when it was voted by the “majority” to eradicate the definitive democracy, leaving conservative patriots shell-shocked from the imminent “fundamental transformation.” Tyranny creep is now the operative, favored by the most ill-informed voters in our history. Obama’s first term was disjointed at best; we had to endure only the desultory looting of our capitalist personification. The grand plan had been defined, but they were certainly not going to show their hand. Not yet anyway. Behind the iron curtain, the annexing of the Shadow Party was in motion, setting the stage for an onslaught of our democracy in Obama’s second term and beyond. The calm before the storm ended abruptly — after the election came an abhorrent unleashing of aggressive, calculating, and fiscally pathetic socialist policies. Everything was now fair game for the Bobblehead-in-Chief and the race was on to use all means and every ploy possible to methodically dismantle our democracy and shred our core principles. For a country that was once a benchmark of unabashed democracy for over 230 years, Obama’s second term election marked the end of a glorious ride, and the beginning of the radical transformation we feared. “Birth pangs” resulting from the abatement of our liberties and numerous coups on our constitution, have already begun to change the very fabric of our culture. To make matters worse, the once steadfast conservative arm of congress abandoned their partisanship. The very essence of our being had been hijacked by a well-defined group of far-left political terrorists that now hold a gun to our head with no surrogate in sight. The political needle has drifted radically to the left, with indubitable disregard from the “conservative” base — our elected officials have left their post for greener pastures. Let’s call it what it is shall we? Obama is a socialist, with unequivocal tendencies towards fascism. One only needs to look at his past to realize Obama marches to a different beat. The Tyranny-in-Chief and his goonsare embarking on a Third Position journey of Fascism. Somewhere between a socialist and communistic state lies Obama’s delusional grandeur that will play out in his warped mind for the next four years; and if the puppet master has any say in the matter, it will become indoctrinated. Obama has even taken a play right out of Hitler’s playbook. Stay with me here. Many believe Hitler forcefully overtook Austria. Not so at all. As a matter of fact, Austria elected Hitler into power by a massive 98% of the vote! Embracing Hitler and the Nazi nomenclature meant to many, the promise of employment and the badly needed help for families. The Austrian people were eventually lulled to sleep by massive entitlements and the promise of “stripping away the evil” that was preventing the country from achieving greatness — so Hitler proclaimed. Hitler was going to help them achieve a level of excellence they coveted. They just had to “trust him.” America is now meandering right down that […]

Liberalism: The Ultimate False Positive Paradox

The liberal ideology is based on a philosophy that liberty and equality must exist.  In theory, it touches on many parts of humanity.  In reality, liberalism is nothing more than a concocted theory that edict a False Positive Paradox and ultimately casts a net of disaster for everything in its wake. “The false positive paradox is a statistical result where false positive tests are more probable than true positive tests, occurring when the overall population has a low incidence of a condition and the incidence rate is lower than the false positive rate.” In layman terms, a false positive is a result that indicates a given condition is present when it is not.  An example of a false positive in the real world would be if a particular test designed to detect cancer returns a positive result but the person does not have cancer.  The False Positive theorem may have been borrowed to prove a point; nevertheless, it accurately delineates the emanation when liberal policies are thrown into the wild. Liberalism is a political, economic, and cultural movement that emphasizes the rights and freedoms of the individual above all else.  The ideology’s premise and ultimate success are heavily weighed on a self-regulated government. On the surface, liberalism seems plausible to bring about fairness and equality to all.  Yet many liberal polices end up with less than desirable results at best, to almost certain catastrophic aftermath as the norm.  Of course, anytime government capitalization is used as the main dish rather than a condiment (intended purpose), failure and calamity will ensue. What is a good example of a liberal policy producing a false positive? In San Francisco, the self-appointed mecca of liberalism, the black population today is less than half of what it was back in 1970, even though the city’s total population has grown.  Why?  Severe restrictions on building of housing in San Francisco have driven rents and home prices so high that blacks and other people with low or moderate incomes have been driven out of the city. The same thing has happened in a number of other California communities dominated by liberals.  This is a very real example of how a liberal policy can eradicate an otherwise thriving economy. How about an example of a false positive on a macro scale? Minimum wage increase sure sounds good on the surface.  Barack Obama recently called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour from $7.25, and to automatically adjust it with inflation, a move aimed at increasing the earnings of millions of cooks, janitors, aides to the elderly, and other low-wage workers.  Many would welcome an increase, seen as a way of helping the less privileged gain a bigger piece of the American pie and improve the lives of their family.  But with an obvious benefit comes a huge price tag with detrimental ramifications to the aggregate. The reality of a minimum wage increase proposed by Barack Obama would eliminate at least 467,000 jobs at a […]

The Socialist Framework Espoused by Barack Hussein Obama to Take Down America

You can count on Barack Obama having a clear vision of how the United States should look, entering into (what we think is) his final term. The narcissistic perception of success will obviously be antipodal to the conservative, clear-thinking American; but he is hell-bent on turning this country into a socialist cesspool nevertheless. Indeed, we are stuck with the Kenyan-in-Chief for another term, thanks to liberal ignorance, a cold and calculating anti-American mainstream media, and a pinch of voter fraud for good measure. This is not hyperbole — the damages that we have seen and continue to see in the wake of this administration is unfathomable and certainly threaten our children’s future, so take note. The best opportunity to slow Obama’s destruction is an impeachment process, which clearly is in order even if you base it solely on the Fast and Furious atrocity (let alone the latest Benghazi cataclysm, which incidentally went largely unnoticed thanks to the Lame Stream Media.) Obama’s deluge of treasonous policies are far-reaching and will only increase now that he has more “flexibility” to execute them. We can only pray the Republican party will suddenly grow the kahunas needed to take Barry to task, but I have serious doubts — there’s simply not the leadership in place to take down this Terrorist-in-Chief and his gang of ruffian handlers. The fact remains we are now staring back at the contemptuous aftermath of Obama’s bellicose policies and looking forward to the future that looks even bleaker and more tyrannical. Obama’s past Marxist-influenced policies, including Obamacare, incessant entitlement programs, historical debt levels, classless economics, and now the contemptible “Fiscal Cliff” plan (or lack thereof) have weighed heavily on an already distressed economy. We can calibrate the damage and possibly even counter imminent future vexatious policies if we understand his philosophies and framework from which he draws from — at the risk of sounding obstinate and callous, we must know the enemy. He has clearly displayed to the American people over the past four years that he is indeed the “enemy within.” So what critical information can we glean from history? What philosophies has he leaned on to deliver assault after assault on the U.S. economy and foreign policies? Can we counter and even circumvent any of his future stratagem? This blogger thinks so and will attempt to lay out this Marxist-in-Chief foundation and principles. Obama’s early years were strongly influenced by a number of certified nut jobs. Many of his so-called mentors instilled a strong sense of racial bigotry and anti-colonialism, including his own father, Barack Obama Sr., and communist extraordinaire Frank Marshall Davis. In fact, the characters Obama has been palling around with throughout his career have been nothing short of astonishing, including the anti-American domestic terrorist-turned university professor confidant Bill Ayers, the “audacity to hope” hate monger Jeremiah Wright, slum-lord Tony Ruzko, and much more. The list is endless and staggering. Do liberals really believe these facts and relationships do not exist or never occurred? Do liberals […]