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America’s Suicide Mission Orchestrated by De Facto Conservatives

Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, there has been a growing ‘retreat’ of conservatives that will ultimately place this country in the crosshairs – four more years of damaging leftist policies – this time with no reserve in sight. It’s an unsettling phenomenon where a logically thinking right-of-center populace has joined forces to create their own […]

E Pluribus Unum And The Left’s Expulsion Of America’s Greatness

It was the fearless Andrew Breitbart that addressed a room full of half-crazed liberals in what has come to be known as “Andrew Breitbart and the La Raza student”  to deliver an awe-inspiring response to a question he also feared the most – and so vehemently fought against. The premise that “Out of Many, One” or E […]

The Obama-Soros Coup

Irrefutable evidence of a surreptitious and hideous ‘vision’ emerged early on in Barack Obama’s first term that went largely unnoticed by the American people, unchecked by our elected Republican ‘gatekeepers,’ and ignored by the mainstream media. The ‘cloak-and-dagger’ was then predictably revealed following the reelection of Obama in 2012, as numerous scandals began to peel […]

Liberal State of Denial

It’s been several months since Barack Obama was elected to a second term; an inauspicious moment in our history when it was voted by the “majority” to eradicate the definitive democracy, leaving conservative patriots shell-shocked from the imminent “fundamental transformation.” Tyranny creep is now the operative, favored by the most ill-informed voters in our history. Obama’s […]

Liberalism: The Ultimate False Positive Paradox

The liberal ideology is based on a philosophy that liberty and equality must exist.  In theory, it touches on many parts of humanity.  In reality, liberalism is nothing more than a concocted theory that edict a False Positive Paradox and ultimately casts a net of disaster for everything in its wake. “The false positive paradox […]