Liberal State of Denial

It’s been several months since Barack Obama was elected to a second term; an inauspicious moment in our history when it was voted by the “majority” to eradicate the definitive democracy, leaving conservative patriots shell-shocked from the imminent “fundamental transformation.” Tyranny creep is now the operative, favored by the most ill-informed voters in our history.

Obama’s first term was disjointed at best; we had to endure only the desultory looting of our capitalist personification. The grand plan had been defined, but they were certainly not going to show their hand. Not yet anyway. Behind the iron curtain, the annexing of the Shadow Party was in motion, setting the stage for an onslaught of our democracy in Obama’s second term and beyond.

The calm before the storm ended abruptly — after the election came an abhorrent unleashing of aggressive, calculating, and fiscally pathetic socialist policies. Everything was now fair game for the Bobblehead-in-Chief and the race was on to use all means and every ploy possible to methodically dismantle our democracy and shred our core principles.

For a country that was once a benchmark of unabashed democracy for over 230 years, Obama’s second term election marked the end of a glorious ride, and the beginning of the radical transformation we feared. “Birth pangs” resulting from the abatement of our liberties and numerous coups on our constitution, have already begun to change the very fabric of our culture.

To make matters worse, the once steadfast conservative arm of congress abandoned their partisanship. The very essence of our being had been hijacked by a well-defined group of far-left political terrorists that now hold a gun to our head with no surrogate in sight. The political needle has drifted radically to the left, with indubitable disregard from the “conservative” base — our elected officials have left their post for greener pastures.

Let’s call it what it is shall we? Obama is a socialist, with unequivocal tendencies towards fascism. One only needs to look at his past to realize Obama marches to a different beat. The Tyranny-in-Chief and his goonsare embarking on a Third Position journey of Fascism. Somewhere between a socialist and communistic state lies Obama’s delusional grandeur that will play out in his warped mind for the next four years; and if the puppet master has any say in the matter, it will become indoctrinated.

Obama has even taken a play right out of Hitler’s playbook. Stay with me here.

Many believe Hitler forcefully overtook Austria. Not so at all. As a matter of fact, Austria elected Hitler into power by a massive 98% of the vote! Embracing Hitler and the Nazi nomenclature meant to many, the promise of employment and the badly needed help for families.

The Austrian people were eventually lulled to sleep by massive entitlements and the promise of “stripping away the evil” that was preventing the country from achieving greatness — so Hitler proclaimed. Hitler was going to help them achieve a level of excellence they coveted. They just had to “trust him.” America is now meandering right down that path.

Remember, Hitler’s mien was his benevolence and random acts of kindness; that is before turning with a vengeance on the very people he serenaded. He was always putting the well-being of children first and was seen as a savior to an economy on the brink of disaster.

One of Hitler’s first order of business was to disarm Austria. His edict was an easy dupe, just like it is with a liberals today — gun registration is needed to “lower crime rates against children” and “protect the people” from unlawfulness that had riddled the country for years — Hitler too, was out to fundamentally transform Austria. Starting to sound familiar?

Obama has breached the presidency and we have reached a major crossroad in our great nation’s history — we must rise up to the occasion or risk forever losing our identity as a country — it’s that serious.

While liberals continue to saunter down the path of denial, conservatives remain diligent and have accurately discerned that there is an evil force at work — that same force now has a stranglehold on our country’s fate. We simply can no longer afford to stand by and allow this usurp president and his band of narcissistic ruffians destroy our constitution and rewrite our history. Enough is enough already, let’s rise up shall we?

by Dan DeRoeck

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