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America’s Suicide Mission Orchestrated by De Facto Conservatives

Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, there has been a growing ‘retreat’ of conservatives that will ultimately place this country in the crosshairs – four more years of damaging leftist policies – this time with no reserve in sight. It’s an unsettling phenomenon where a logically thinking right-of-center populace has joined forces to create their own private pity-party. The supposed political purists passing on ‘nuggets of wisdom’ onto the ‘conservatively-challenged’ masses, or anyone willing to listen. Unfortunately for all, their imparting ‘knowledge’ is instead nothing more than condescending drivel – a life-style change recommended to a terminally-ill patient… on life support.

News flash. Donald Trump is not a conservative. In fact, he’s not even close. Yes, Trump has flip-flopped on nearly every closely held conservative value ranging from abortion to illegal immigration. Yes, Trump has waffled like probably no other candidate before him has. We get it.

This isn’t a lecture of what Donald Trump is or is not, but instead a realistic assessment of the dilemma that must be confronted. A decision we will make this November that will ultimately seal the fate of this country.

This social phenomenon reaches far beyond the conservative base too, extending into the political elite (big surprise). Here’s a growing list of ‘republicans’ that have decided Hillary Clinton is a better choice for president. This list is an unmitigated example of what got us here in the first place. It’s also a list that contains individuals who have benefited from Hillary’s earmarking, development scandals or, were simply a part of her staff at one point.

Even Ted Cruz, the only true Constitutional Conservative running in the Republican primary (and my choice), has decided to turn this election into personal vendetta against Trump. Getting one last dig on Trump was more important than ‘taking one for the team.’ It was a very disappointing moment, nevertheless an example of the craze sweeping the conservative ranks.

Don’t forget, arguably the best president of all time was once a liberal. But I digress.

Fortunately, there are some conservatives left who ‘get it.’ They understand that we cannot simply pick up the ball and go home because the candidate of choice did not win – this is a whole different ballgame. We are now literally starring the enemy in the eyes – a thoroughbred Marxist that has been hand-picked by the leftist elite to ‘finish the job.’ Anything… and I mean anything is better than this alternative.

We are in the throes of total destruction. And oddly enough, the same conservative base that wanted a like-minded, Commander-in-Chief has now joined the other side in what will be greatest betrayal of all time.

This misguided conservative faction is now carrying water for the left – knowingly supporting the dragging of our country further into the deep, dark depths of the radical left’s ideology – and now will become a co-conspirator to America’s demise.

Because make no mistake. A ‘No-Vote’ or a third party vote, is a vote for Saul Alinsky Marxism.

I pray that all conservatives come together and remove emotion from the upcoming election – to do the right thing and vote against Marxism. Because it’s no longer a vote for which candidate you want, but instead a vote for what you don’t want your country to become.

By Dan DeRoeck

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